We employ cutting-edge tenchology to ensure our products are of the highest quality. At F&D we have state-of-the-art machinery distributed throughout our facilities. complemented by a robotised productioon chain which, in comparison to traditional systems, guarantees modernisation, rapidity and greater stability in the manufacturing process.


When you are refurbishing your bathroom, with all the inconvenience that entails, it is reasonable for you to want the process to be as fast as possible. As we are one the most efficient and streamlined companies manudacturing shower trays, we are able to meet the requiered delivery deadlines, given that we have a higt production capacity and large stocks in our warehouses.


We have a Quality Control department which monitors all the products to ensure that they meet consumer demands. We requiere our suppliers to guarantee that their raw materials comply with the current European regulations and each day our professional team strives to improve our products to archive grater competitiveness. Our work is performed in partnership with the Technological Institute of International Scope (AIDIMA), through which we have obtained the European quality certification.


At F&D we employ the best professionals in the sector, we place our trust in our qualified workers, who do their very best to ensure the consumer´s complete satisfaction. We work with a post-sales team spread over different locations, ready to solve any problems arising with the products supplied and providing profesional and firendly customer service.


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